Adobe Express for Education is a free program offered by Adobe for K-12 schools and districts. It provides students and educators with the tools they need to create graphics, images, videos, presentations, web pages, and more. Adobe Express lets students and educators express themselves in unique and beautiful ways inside and outside the classroom.

Some of the benefits of Adobe Express for K-12 students are:

  • Free of cost: Adobe Express for Education is free for all K-12 educational institutions, educators, and their students.
  • Safe and secure: Adobe Express for K-12 Education includes features designed to support student learning and safety, including safe search functionality across Adobe Express. Education-specific privacy controls can be deployed to allow schools and districts to meet student privacy obligations. Schools own the accounts and exercise admin rights.
  • Easy to use: Adobe Express is a web-based and mobile application designed for creative beginners who want an easy way to express themselves by editing photos, creating graphics and flyers, making videos, and more. It brings together powerful features from across the Adobe ecosystem in addition to remixable templates, design elements, tutorials, and guidance so creators can get great results fast and have fun building their skills.

What kind of projects can a student create with Adobe Express?

  1. Create a digital portfolio: Students can use Adobe Express to create a digital portfolio that showcases their work across different subjects and projects. They can include images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make their portfolio stand out.
  2. Design a poster or flyer: Adobe Express provides students with a range of design templates and tools to create posters and flyers for school events, fundraisers, and other activities. Students can use their creativity to design visually appealing posters and flyers that grab attention and communicate important information.
  3. Make a video: Adobe Express includes a video editor that allows students to create and edit videos for class projects, presentations, and more. Students can use their imagination to create engaging videos that tell a story, explain a concept, or showcase their talents.
  4. Create a website: Adobe Express provides students with the tools they need to create a website from scratch. Students can use their creativity to design a website that reflects their personality, interests, and skill.
  5. Design a logo: Adobe Express includes a logo maker that allows students to create professional-looking logos for their school clubs, teams, or projects. Students can use their creativity to design a logo that represents their group or project.

How does a school get Adobe Express for Students and Teachers?

Twotrees can provide your school access to Adobe Express through Adobe’s VIP program. Contact your Twotrees account manager to set up an Adobe VIP account and show you how to assign Express licenses to your students and staff.

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