ISTE 2024 – ASUS: A Powerhouse in E-Sports Gaming

In the bustling halls of the 2024 ISTE conference in Denver, Twotrees Technologies had the opportunity to delve into the world of e-sports and gaming computers with Bridges Gijsbers from ASUS. The conversation, led by Kevin Schaefer, explored ASUS’s innovative solutions for K-12 schools.

A Legacy of Excellence in E-Sports

ASUS, a titan in the tech industry, has been pioneering e-sports since 2006 with the launch of their first gaming laptop under the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand. Not only are they the world’s largest motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, but they also boast a lineup of number one e-sports desktops, laptops, and monitors globally.

Portable Powerhouses

The interview highlighted ASUS’s portable gaming solutions, which include laptops ranging from 14 to 18 inches and the ROG Flow Z13 tablet, all backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty and accidental damage protection. These devices are not just powerful; they’re built with the components ASUS is renowned for—their graphics cards and motherboards.

The ROG Flow Z13: A Game-Changer for Schools

One standout innovation is the ROG Flow Z13, a handheld device that offers full Windows OS capabilities at an accessible price point. This device addresses two major challenges in implementing e-sports programs in schools: budget and space. With the ROG Flow Z13, schools can store multiple units in a charging cart, eliminating the need for a dedicated e-sports lab and allowing any classroom to transform into a gaming arena.

Desktops That Define Customization

ASUS’s desktop gaming systems, from mini to full 22-liter chassis, offer unparalleled customization. Students and e-sports enthusiasts can tweak everything from RAM configurations to graphics cards, enjoying the thrill of personalization and the practicality of future upgrades.

Monitors That Match the Fervor of Gamers

ASUS’s Republic of Gamers monitors, available in 27 and 24 inches, support various resolutions, including 2K and 4K. The 240Hz monitors ensure a smooth, blur-free gaming experience, heightening competitiveness and immersion.

A Partnership for the Future

Twotrees Technologies recognizes the potential in ASUS’s commitment to providing the best solutions for educational institutions. This partnership promises to bring cutting-edge technology to schools, empowering the next generation of students with tools that enhance learning and fuel their passion for e-sports.

As the interview concluded, the excitement was palpable. ASUS’s dedication to innovation and Twotrees Technologies’ vision for integrating technology into education are set to transform the landscape of K-12 learning environments.

Twotrees Technologies is thrilled to share these insights from the ISTE 2024 conference. For more information on how ASUS’s gaming solutions can benefit your school’s e-sports program, contact us today.

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