Ross Woodard with Twotrees Technologies talks to Francisco Flores with BenQ about the latest additions and technology on display at TCEA 2024 in Austin, Texas.

Ross Woodard with Twotrees talks to Francisco Flores about the latest features in BenQ’s interactive display panels.

Google EDLA-Certified

BenQ now offers Google EDLA-certified interactive displays. EDLA stands for Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement, a new program that Google introduced at the end of 2022. It’s designed to help solutions providers offer devices with built-in Google Mobile Services.

Google Mobile Services

Google Mobile Services, or GMS, is basically all of Google’s most popular apps and APIs bundled together and packaged for Android devices. It includes Google Search, Google Drive, Chrome, YouTube, and the Google Play Store, among other apps. Before EDLA, Google Mobile Services was only available on tablets, phones, and other portable devices. Now Google offers these same integrated apps on interactive diplays.

What is the benefit of Google Mobile Services on an Interactive Display?

There are several benefits to having Google Mobile Services on an interactive display. Below we highlight three specific benefits:

  • Official access to the Google Play Store – Perhaps the biggest advantage is the presence of the official Google Play Store, which now allows users to download and install apps onto their board. Having Google Play—with its extensive library of educational games and productivity tools—available on a large interactive screen opens up many possibilities in terms of teaching and work.
  • Seamless integration with Google tools – Before, there was no official way for users to open Google for Education tools (ex. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) directly from their smart boards, as Google had not made them available for large-format displays. Those who wanted to use these tools had to either connect a laptop or use their board’s web browser to access the cloud versions of these apps. Now, users can easily install these tools on the board and access them locally any time.
  • Better device security – Google Play, through the Google Play Protect service, also takes on a valuable role when it comes to device security. Play Protect checks apps for suspicious behavior. It also prevents you from downloading potentially harmful apps to your devices and even scans and removes previously installed apps that exhibit malicious behavior.

Prior to Google-EDLA

Prior to Google’s EDLA licensing in 2022, board manufactures were able to run Google applications such as Docs and Sheets using unofficial, non-Google-supported workarounds. This could be problematic, since those applications were not originally designed for large interactive displays. Now with Google EDLA certification, BenQ’s display fully support Google Mobile Applications, meaning a more stable, reliable display that is easy to use for educators.

Microsoft Active Directory integration

In the video, Francisco talks about BenQ’s integration with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows single sign on for educators and allows quick access to OneDrive and Google Drive for the teacher by simply swiping their NFC ID card.

BenQ EZWrite software

Francisco demonstrates how teachers can use BenQ’s EZWrite software to create content at home using a Windows or Mac PC and then have those lessons available when they access their BenQ interactive display at school.

BenQ Device Management System

In addition to all the ease-of-use features built into BenQ interactive displays, managing hundreds or even thousands of displays is made simple for the IT staff by using BenQ’s Device Management System. IT staff can make sure displays are running the latest software, track display utilization, manage user and application access to each display, provision displays with a simple USB plug or NFC card, and monitor the health of each display over the life of the unit. This feature makes it much easier to manage displays throught the school district and saves on IT staff time and cost.

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