Finding, attracting, and retaining teachers is one of the biggest challenges facing K-12 school administrators today. And since COVID, more teachers are turning to technology to help teach their classes. Fast, reliable access to services such as Google Classroom are becoming table stakes in the fight to attract and retain teachers.

This means building and maintaining a reliable campus network is becoming increasingly important for school districts to attract and retain teachers, especially those districts that don’t have the funds for dedicated network professionals who can keep the network operating at peak effectiveness.

Wyebot Wireless network probes monitor your network for improved reliability

Wyebot Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) consists of Wyebot probes that connect to your wired network on one port, and uses multiple Wi-Fi radios to proactively monitor the signals of your Wi-Fi network SSID’s. These probes act as “user devices” on your network and monitor the signal strength, signal degradation, reliability, and performance of your Wi-Fi networks, and then send that information to the Wyebot cloud dashboard over the wired connection. Each probe can monitor multiple Wi-Fi access ports and SSID’s and report the information it finds to a central cloud-based dashboard for analysis and troubleshooting.

Focus on improving the classroom experience of your teachers

Wyebot probes can be programmed to act as agents to probe connectivity to web sites that are important to your teaching staff. Wyebot comes with several standard connectivity tests – Google Classroom, Microsoft Office – and we can help you set up performance tests go additional sites your teachers use on a regular basis such as Mindspring teacher training or your classroom management system. This makes sure that the network provides fast, reliable, and stable connectivity to the sites your teachers care about – therefore helping with teacher satisfaction and retention.

Real-World Reporting that is easy to understand

Wyebot uses artificial intelligence to analyze your Wi-Fi data and provide easy-to-understand reports on trouble spots, and actionable recommendations on how to solve Wi-Fi reliability and performance issues. Too many radios on a single channel causing interference? An old microwave oven sending out signals that degrade your Wi-Fi performance? To many devices on an AP or channel causing congestion? Wyebot reports can uncover these issues and find solutions to improve the experience of your students and staff. Your staff can use these Wyebot reports to perform troubleshooting, or they can work with our experienced Twotrees engineers to find and fix problems and improve the performance of your network.

Wyebot probes are E-Rate eligible

Best of all, Wyebot probes are E-Rate eligible. Twotrees can help you prepare a Form 470 for the purchase of Wyebot probes and licensing for your school.

Twotrees monitoring and troubleshooting can help your IT staff with Wi-Fi issues

Twotrees technical support staff can access your Wyebot dashboard to help troubleshoot problems with your Wi-Fi network. We can access logs, review historical data, and perform load tests and access detailed packet analysis using your Wyebot probes. Our experienced network engineers can help your staff better understand your Wi-Fi network and help them reconfigure the network for better reliability and performance. Maybe you need an additional access point in a room, or you have too many access points one a single frequency, or a neighboring business is sharing the same frequencies as your network. We can help tune your Wi-Fi signals for better performance using the information gathered by your Wyebot probes and stored in your Wyebot dashboard.

Schedule a Wyebot demonstration today

Contact Twotrees to schedule a demonstration and see how Wyebot can help improve the performance and reliability of your network and therefore improve the teaching experience for your staff – making it easier to keep the teachers you have, and attract new teachers in the future.

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