Eaton-Tripp Lite expands lineup of TAA-compliant cloud-connected UPS’s

Eaton is proud to present the Tripp Lite series Cloud-connected UPS, providing simple, economic power protection, battery backup, and remote monitoring, all within a compact design. This series is equipped with Eaton’s Brightlayer Remote Monitoring software, enabling effortless onboarding, monitoring, and management through a web browser or mobile application.

In addition, Eaton just expanded this SmartOnline UPS family again! The 5kVA and 6kVA models are now shipping, and Eaton is pleased to announce that this fall, they will add seven models compliant with the federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA). These TAA-compliant UPS systems are eligible for General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contracts, making them an option for government and military agencies and contractors.

Eaton Tripp Lite UPS Brochure

Managing Eaton’s Cloud-Connected Tripp Lite UPS Systems with a Web Browser

In today’s digital age, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems are crucial for the smooth operation of IT infrastructure. Eaton’s cloud-connected Tripp Lite UPS systems stand out in this regard12These systems come with secure, easy-to-use cloud-based remote monitoring1, allowing IT administrators to manage UPS units across their enterprise using a web browser3. This post will delve into how these systems work and the benefits they offer.

What are Eaton’s Cloud-Connected Tripp Lite UPS Systems?

Eaton’s Tripp Lite series UPS systems provide reliable battery backup and power protection2They are equipped with cloud connectivity, enabling efficient setup, deployment, and management of multiple UPS systems across multiple locations2These systems are designed to maintain usable 120V nominal output to connected electronics during severe brownouts and overvoltages2.

How Do They Work?

These UPS systems come with secure, easy-to-use cloud-based remote monitoring1This allows you to receive notifications, control key functions, and check the status of your UPS systems without leaving your desk1The remote monitoring software includes an intuitive dashboard that is accessible from a mobile app or web browser2.

Benefits for IT Administrators


With Eaton’s cloud-connected Tripp Lite UPS systems, IT administrators can monitor and manage large deployments from a remote location3This reduces the number of on-site visits, saving valuable time3Administrators can access all the UPS units from a single interface, simplifying management4.


Remote management of UPS units eliminates the need for additional hardware, saving space and equipment costs3It also reduces the need for frequent on-site visits, thereby saving travel expenses3.

Efficient and Consistent Configurations

Centralized management allows for more efficient and consistent configurations across all UPS units4Administrators can push configurations to as many UPS systems as needed3.

Early Fault Detection

The software provides real-time detailed information about the UPS status, such as current load, battery charge level, lost connection, temperature, and other relevant metrics4This facilitates early problem detection and informed decision-making4.

Minimized Downtime

Automatic alerts and notifications can be sent to administrators whenever any uncommon event or condition occurs4For example, the software will alert the user if the UPS load exceeds a predefined limit or if there is a failure in the main power4This enables a quick response and helps minimize downtime and potential equipment damage4.

In conclusion, Eaton’s cloud-connected Tripp Lite UPS systems offer a versatile and efficient solution for managing UPS units. They not only ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructure but also save time and money for IT administrators

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