In a recent covert operation, the FBI successfully dismantled a Chinese state-sponsored hacker group known as Volt Typhoon. Their primary target? Outdated switches and routers that had reached their end of life. While this operation was a significant win for national security, it also highlights the critical need for small businesses to take action.

The Threat: Volt Typhoon and End-of-Life Routers

  1. Who is Volt Typhoon?
    • Volt Typhoon is a Chinese hacking group that has been using sophisticated malware to infiltrate networks worldwide.
    • Their primary focus has been on critical infrastructure organizations in the United States.
  2. The Vulnerable Targets: Outdated Routers
    • The routers targeted by Volt Typhoon were mainly Cisco and Netgear devices that had reached their end of life.
    • These routers were already vulnerable due to outdated firmware and lack of security updates.
  3. The Attack Vector: KV Botnet Malware
    • Volt Typhoon used the KV Botnet malware to compromise these routers.
    • The malware allowed them to control the routers remotely and establish a network they could manipulate.
  4. The Consequences: Impersonation and Future Attacks
    • By infiltrating these routers, Volt Typhoon could manipulate traffic to appear as if it originated from trusted US IP addresses.
    • This allowed them to establish posts within US critical infrastructure networks, setting the stage for future cyberattacks.

How Small Businesses Are Affected

  1. Increased Vulnerability
    • Small businesses often rely on older equipment due to budget constraints.
    • Outdated routers are more susceptible to attacks, as they lack the latest security features.
  2. Data Breach Risks
    • Compromised routers can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive business data.
    • Small businesses may not have robust cybersecurity measures in place, making them easy targets.
  3. Operational Disruption
    • A successful attack on a router can disrupt business operations, affecting communication, transactions, and productivity.
    • Downtime can result in financial losses and damage to reputation.
  4. Legal and Regulatory Implications
    • Data breaches can lead to legal consequences, especially if customer data is compromised.
    • Compliance with data protection regulations becomes challenging when routers are vulnerable.

Protecting Small Businesses

  1. Replace End-of-Life Routers
    • Small businesses must prioritize replacing outdated routers with newer models. Twotrees can assist your team by finding cost-affordable routers and firewalls that work well for small business, without the high cost of enterprise-class equipment.
    • Regularly check for firmware updates and security patches. Twotrees can help you with managed network service to keeps your systems up-to-date.
  2. Implement Network Segmentation
    • Isolate critical systems from general network traffic. This involves setting up VLAN’s in your networks establishing firewall rules between VLAN’s. For example, you don’t want your IP phone network traversing your PCI payment network.
    • Limit access to sensitive data and applications. This must be done with a layered aproach. It starts with firewalling your networks from the internet, but also firewalling your networks between each other, adopting a zero trust network, implementing two-factor authentication. Twotrees help you develop a plan to secure your network.
  3. Invest in Cybersecurity Education
    • Train employees on best practices for router security, email security, and phishing attacks.
    • Educate upper management about the risks of outdated equipment.
  4. Collaborate with IT Experts
    • Seek professional guidance from companies such as Twotrees to assess network vulnerabilities.
    • Regular security audits can identify weak points. Twotrees can assist with these audits.


Small businesses play a vital role in our economy, and their success depends on secure and reliable networks. By staying informed about threats like Volt Typhoon and taking proactive steps to secure their routers, small business owners can protect their data, operations, and customers. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—especially in the world of cybersecurity.

Stay vigilant, stay secure!

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