As the IT director of a bustling school or large venue, you’re well aware that a robust and reliable network is the backbone of modern educational and event experiences. In an era where digital learning tools and seamless connectivity are non-negotiable, ensuring your network’s health is paramount. Enter Ruckus Analytics—a cutting-edge solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to transform how your network learns, identifies issues, and optimizes both wireless and wired connections.

Understanding Your Network with AIOps

At the heart of Ruckus Analytics is an advanced AI-driven network assurance platformIt’s designed to manage the complexities of a multi-access network environment, providing a unified view across all your sites1. But what sets it apart is its ability to learn from your network’s behavior.

Machine Learning: The Proactive Approach

Using machine learning algorithms, Ruckus Analytics continuously analyzes network traffic patterns, device performance, and user behaviors. This data-driven approach allows the system to predict potential issues before they impact users. For example, if a particular access point consistently shows signs of strain during peak hours, Ruckus Analytics can suggest redistributing the load or upgrading the hardware before it fails.

AI-Driven Troubleshooting

When problems do arise, the AI-driven troubleshooting tools within Ruckus Analytics spring into action. The platform classifies incidents by severity, so your IT team knows where to focus their efforts first1. It doesn’t just alert you to the problem; it provides root cause analyses and specific recommendations for resolution.

Real-World Problems and AI Solutions

Let’s delve into some detailed examples of the problems Ruckus Analytics can detect and address:

Problem: High Traffic Congestion

During school-wide online testing or a major event at your venue, the network might experience high traffic, leading to congestion and slow performance.

AI Solution: Ruckus Analytics identifies the surge in demand and can automatically adjust network configurations to prioritize critical applications, ensuring smooth operation during high-stakes scenarios.

Problem: Device Connectivity Issues

Teachers or presenters may face connectivity issues with their devices, disrupting classes or presentations.

AI Solution: The platform quickly pinpoints the root cause, whether it’s outdated firmware on a device or interference from other wireless signals, and suggests the best course of action to resolve the issue swiftly.

Problem: Security Breaches

With a vast network, security breaches can be a silent threat that goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

AI Solution: Ruckus Analytics monitors for unusual activity patterns that may indicate a security breach. It can then isolate the affected segment of the network and alert your security team to take immediate action.

Optimizing for the Future

Beyond troubleshooting, Ruckus Analytics uses AI to recommend enhancements to your network’s performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). This could involve suggesting the deployment of Wi-Fi 6E/6 (802.11ax) and 802.11ac APs with patented BeamFlex® and ChannelFly® technologies for better performance in challenging RF environments1.


For the IT director looking to future-proof their network infrastructure, Ruckus Analytics offers a comprehensive solution that not only solves current problems but also anticipates future challenges. By embracing the power of AIOps, you can ensure that your network is not just a utility but a dynamic asset that enhances the educational and event experience for all.

Ruckus Analytics is your partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of network management. With its AI-driven insights and proactive problem-solving, your network is in capable hands. Embrace the future of network optimization with Ruckus Analytics and watch as your school or venue thrives in the digital age.

Twotrees is an Elite level Ruckus Partner – the top tier available – which means we have the expertise, training, and support needed to implement Ruckus products at any facility, no matter how large or complex.

1RUCKUS One AI-driven converged network assurance, service delivery, and business intelligence platform

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