Intel’s latest Core Ultra processors, part of the Meteor Lake lineup, have ushered in the era of the AI PC. These chips not only deliver impressive performance but also come equipped with a neural processing unit (NPU), making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Let’s dive into the details and explore how these processors can benefit both business and educational users.

The Core Ultra Lineup

The Core Ultra processors come in both H-series and U-series variants. Here’s a quick overview of the stack:

H-Series (High-Performance)

  • Core Ultra 9 185H: 16 cores, 22 threads
  • Core Ultra 7 165H: 16 cores, 22 threads
  • Core Ultra 5 135H: 14 cores, 18 threads

U-Series (Ultra-Low Power)

  • Core Ultra 7 165U: 12 cores, 14 threads
  • Core Ultra 5 135U: 12 cores, 14 threads

Key Features

  1. Built-in Intel Arc GPU: The Core Ultra processors feature an integrated Intel Arc GPU with up to 8 Xe coresThis GPU delivers stunning graphics performance, supporting up to 50 HDR video streams and efficient AV1 codec acceleration for compression12.
  2. Intel AI Boost (NPU): The dedicated NPU accelerates AI workloads, making it perfect for applications that require machine learning and inference. Whether you’re editing audio, enhancing video calls, or running AI-powered software, the NPU ensures optimal performance13.
  3. DDR5 Memory Support: These processors support high-speed DDR5 memory, enabling faster data access and multitasking capabilities.

Applications and Benefits

Business Processes:

  1. Data Analytics and Insights:
    • Upgrade to Core Ultra processors for faster data processing and real-time analytics. Whether you’re analyzing sales trends, customer behavior, or financial data, the NPU accelerates machine learning models, providing actionable insights.
    • Benefit: Improved decision-making, competitive advantage, and streamlined operations.
  2. Video Conferencing and Collaboration:
    • With the NPU, video conferencing platforms can enhance background blur, noise reduction, and facial recognition. Users experience smoother calls, better image quality, and reduced strain on system resources.
    • Benefit: Enhanced productivity, professional communication, and seamless collaboration.

Educational Processes:

  1. AI-Powered Learning Applications:
    • Core Ultra processors enable AI-driven educational tools. Adaptive learning platforms can personalize content based on student performance, recommend relevant resources, and assess student understanding.
    • Benefit: Engaged students, personalized learning experiences, and improved educational outcomes.
  2. Virtual Labs and Simulations:
    • In fields like science, engineering, and medicine, simulations play a crucial role. Core Ultra’s NPU accelerates complex simulations, allowing students to perform virtual experiments and learn practical skills.
    • Benefit: Cost-effective, safe, and interactive learning environments.

Applications available today that utilize Intel NPU

Let’s explore some applications that can leverage the NPU and the specific tasks they can perform:

  1. Audacity with OpenVINO Plugins:
    • ApplicationAudacity, the popular open-source audio editor, can benefit from the NPU.
    • Tasks:
      • Real-time noise reduction: The NPU accelerates complex audio processing algorithms, allowing Audacity to remove background noise more efficiently.
      • Voice enhancement: Audacity can enhance voice clarity and intelligibility using AI-powered algorithms, thanks to the NPU.
      • Audio effects: Applying AI-based effects, such as reverb or pitch correction, becomes faster and smoother.
    • Benefits: Faster audio editing, improved quality, and reduced processing time.
  2. GIMP with OpenVINO Plugins:
    • ApplicationGIMP, the open-source image editor, can utilize the NPU for various tasks.
    • Tasks:
      • Image denoising: The NPU accelerates denoising filters, resulting in cleaner images.
      • Object recognition: GIMP can use the NPU for identifying objects or patterns within images.
      • Smart filters: AI-enhanced filters, like sharpening or color correction, benefit from the NPU’s speed.
    • Benefits: Enhanced image editing capabilities, quicker results, and improved productivity.
  3. Zoom with AI Assistant:
    • ApplicationZoom, the video conferencing platform, integrates the NPU for AI-driven features.
    • Tasks:
      • Background effects: The NPU handles real-time background blurring or replacement during video calls.
      • Noise suppression: AI algorithms powered by the NPU enhance audio quality by reducing background noise.
      • Auto-transcription: Zoom’s AI Assistant can transcribe spoken content more accurately using the NPU.
    • Benefits: Enhanced video conferencing experience, professional communication, and efficient collaboration.

These are just a few of the applications available today that can take advantage of Intel’s new Core Ultra processors with built-in Neural Processing Units, and many more will be developed in the upcoming months,.


Intel’s Core Ultra processors redefine what’s possible in the world of computing. From business analytics to educational innovation, these chips empower users with AI capabilities, making the upgrade to new computers a smart investment. Whether you’re a professional or a student, the Core Ultra lineup promises a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into everyday tasks.

So, get ready to unlock the potential of the AI PC with Intel Core Ultra processors! 

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