ISTE 2024 – A Conversation with Rise Vision

In the bustling halls of the ISTE Conference 2024 in Denver, Colorado, Twotrees Technologies had the pleasure of hosting Corey Gaber from Rise Vision. Our very own Kevin Schaefer sat down with Corey to discuss the transformative impact of Rise Vision’s digital signage on K-12 education.

Rise Vision: Simplifying Communication in Schools

Rise Vision has carved a niche in the educational sector as a provider of digital signage software, making it effortless for schools to communicate with their staff and students. With an extensive library of easy-to-use templates, Rise Vision addresses one of the most significant challenges in educational communication: engagement.

Templates: The Heart of Rise Vision

The standout feature of Rise Vision is its vast repository of templates. These templates remove the complexity of content creation, allowing educators to focus on what matters most—educating. As Corey mentions, “We have a lot of great templates that are auto-updating, making it look like all-stars when they get new, fresh content every day.”

Frequent Updates: Keeping Content Fresh

Rise Vision’s commitment to freshness is evident in their regular updates, with one or two new templates released every week. This ensures that the content remains relevant and engaging, capturing the attention of students and staff alike.

The Impact of Digital Signage in K-12 Schools

Digital signage goes beyond mere communication; it’s about building a connected and informed educational community. Rise Vision’s solutions offer schools the ability to showcase branding, improve safety with emergency alerts, and keep displays interesting with weekly template updates1Their cloud-based platform is easy to use, ensuring that anyone, regardless of technical skill, can update displays with just a desktop, tablet, or phone1.

Twotrees Technologies and Rise Vision: A Partnership for the Future

At Twotrees Technologies, we are excited about the possibilities Rise Vision brings to the table. Our collaboration aims to modernize school communication systems, making them more efficient, engaging, and secure. With Rise Vision’s media players, schools can now enjoy a seamless digital signage experience that resonates with the dynamic nature of K-12 education.

To learn more about how Rise Vision can revolutionize your school’s communication, visit their website for a free demo and start your journey towards a more connected educational environment1.

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