ISTE 2024 – An Interview with BenQ

Elevating K-12 Education with BenQ Interactive Display Panels

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, BenQ stands out as a beacon of innovation, particularly with its interactive display panels designed for K-12 schools. These panels are not just tools; they are gateways to a world of interactive learning and teaching experiences that resonate with the digital-native generation.

The BenQ Edge: A Blend of Technology and Pedagogy

BenQ’s interactive display panels are engineered to transform the classroom environment into an interactive hub conducive to both teaching and learning. The RP and RM series panels, as highlighted in the recent interview at the 2024 ISTE conference, embody the essence of BenQ’s commitment to quality and performance1.

Under the Hood: Performance Meets Reliability

The RRP series, labeled as premium, boasts a processor speed that’s 80% faster than any other on the market, ensuring that lag is a thing of the past, even with AI-driven apps. The RM series, or mainstream series, matches up to other brands’ premium models, offering exceptional value1.

User-Centric Design: Personalized and Secure

BenQ’s interactive displays offer a personalized experience for teachers with individual accounts accessible on any BenQ Board. This personal space ensures that all data, settings, bookmarks, and folders are exclusive to the user, safeguarding privacy and convenience1.

Intuitive Interaction: Tap, Teach, and Share

With features like NFC card loginEZWrite whiteboard, and InstaShare, BenQ panels make classroom interaction seamless. Teachers can access their content with a simple tap, engage students with an endless canvas for creativity, and share screens wirelessly for collaborative learning1.

Forward-Thinking: Future-Proofing Education

Understanding the longevity of technology in schools, BenQ designs its panels to be future-proof. The robust processors ensure that the panels can handle future software and AI developments, making them a long-term investment for any educational institution1.

In Practice: Real-World Applications

Schools across the globe, from Dubai to the United States, have embraced BenQ’s interactive flat panels, citing improvements in engagement and learning outcomes. The panels’ brilliant screens, fast touch response, and comprehensive Google integration make them an ideal choice for modern classrooms.

Conclusion: The Smart Choice for Smart Schools

BenQ interactive display panels are more than just smart boards; they are the cornerstone of a modern, interactive, and efficient learning environment. With BenQ, schools are not just equipped with technology; they are empowered with tools that inspire, engage, and educate.

For more information on how BenQ can transform your classrooms, visit BenQ Education.

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