ISTE 2024 – Intel Skills for Innovation Interview

Empowering the Next Generation: Intel Skills for Innovation Program

In an exclusive interview with James Pratt, Twotrees Technologies delves into the transformative world of the Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI) program. This groundbreaking initiative is not just a boon for educators but a pivotal turn in preparing students for the future.

A Curriculum That Costs Nothing but Offers Everything

Yes, you read that right. The Intel SFI program is absolutely free for K-12 teachers. It’s a comprehensive curriculum designed to seamlessly integrate into classrooms, empowering teachers to impart cutting-edge skills without the burden of additional costs1.

Starter Packs: Your Gateway to Advanced Education

The program features 21 new AI starter packs, which are compatible with devices like the Asus Expertbook B3 flip books1These packs are not just educational tools; they’re a revolution in learning, making it possible for even second graders to engage with AI technology1.

Ease of Use: A Teacher’s Best Friend

One of the most striking aspects highlighted by James Pratt is the ease with which teachers can adopt this program. There’s no need for educators to be tech wizards. With the starter packs, they have all the resources at their fingertips to guide students through advanced lessons, even in rural schools where resources are scarce1.

Mixed Reality and Community Support: The Future is Here

The SFI program also offers six mixed reality starter packs, ready to be used with Intel eyepieces. These packs, along with monthly community and ambassador webinars, provide ongoing support to educators, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to succeed1.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

Twotrees Technologies encourages educators to embrace the Intel Skills for Innovation program. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to equip students with the skills necessary for a technology-driven future, and it’s all available at no cost. Let’s take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

Visit Intel Skills for Innovation to learn more and download your starter packs today.

This blog post was inspired by the insightful interview with James Pratt and the wealth of resources available on the Intel Skills for Innovation website. Twotrees Technologies is proud to support such initiatives that align with our mission to foster innovation and education.

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