ISTE 2024 – Powergistics Intelligently-Designed Charging Carts

At the 2024 ISTE show in Denver, Twotrees Technologies’ own James Pratt had the pleasure of interviewing Christine from Powergistics, a key partner revolutionizing the way educational technology is managed in classrooms. Powergistics, known for its innovative storage and charging solutions, is not just another name in the sea of tech companies; it stands out with its unique approach to device management.

A Leap from Charging Carts to Intuitive Design

The inception of Powergistics was born out of frustration with conventional charging carts. A one-man tech department in rural Wisconsin envisioned a system that would alleviate the common pain points faced by educators and IT staff. This vision was brought to life by a fifth-generation family-owned metal manufacturer, leveraging their expertise in human-centered design to create a product that even a kindergartner could use without a second thought.

Color-Coded Efficiency

Powergistics’ towers are designed with lay-flat shelves, enabling seamless cable management and intuitive use. The color-coded system simplifies device deployment—teachers can call out “Red group” or “Blue group,” and students know exactly where to find their devices. This not only streamlines the classroom experience but also supports blended and personalized learning environments.

Transformative Impact in Elementary Schools

The transformative effect of Powergistics’ solutions is most evident in elementary school classrooms. By making device management effortless for students, Powergistics fosters an environment where technology enhances learning rather than hinders it. A case study from a district in Aurora, Colorado, showcased a staggering 90% reduction in device damage at the middle school level after implementing Powergistics’ systems.

Beyond Storage: Active Charging Solutions

Powergistics also addresses the issue of forgotten charges with their portable battery packs, ensuring uninterrupted learning. These packs can charge a Chromebook up to two and a half times, depending on usage, and are managed by the teacher to keep the process contained within the classroom.

The Powergistics Product Line: A Closer Look

Powergistics’ product line is as versatile as it is innovative. From the CORE8 to the CORE16, each tower is designed to fit seamlessly into any classroom setting. The towers boast a small vertical footprint, taking up less than half the square footage of a single cart, and offer maintenance-free cable management1The CORE12 USB, for instance, includes a USB power strip and 12 USB-A to USB-C cords, catering to the modern classroom’s needs1.

A Smart Alternative to Charging Carts

The Powergistics towers are not just space-efficient; they are also a smart alternative to traditional charging carts. With options for wall mounting, stands, or rollers, these towers are future-proof, adapting to the evolving needs of educational institutions1.


Twotrees Technologies is proud to partner with Powergistics, a company that is as committed to education as we are. Their dedication to creating practical, efficient, and innovative solutions aligns with our mission to empower educators and students with the best technology has to offer. For more information on how Powergistics can transform your classroom, visit their website or contact us directly at Twotrees Technologies.

For a detailed look at the Powergistics product line and to see how their solutions can benefit your educational institution, please visit Powergistics Education.

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