ISTE 2024 – Promethean Discusses Active Panel 9 with Twotrees

Twotrees Technologies is thrilled to share insights from the recent ISTE 2024 conference in Denver, where our very own Kevin Schaefer had the pleasure of discussing Promethean’s groundbreaking educational technology with Lindsey Drager from Promethean.

The New Promethean Active Panel 9: A Game-Changer for Educators

The Promethean Active Panel 9 is not just an interactive panel; it’s a leap into the future of classroom engagement. With 20 points of touch and soon included proximity sensors, this panel is designed to respond to the dynamic needs of teachers and students alike. The customizable menu and application interface ensure that every educator can tailor their teaching experience to their unique style.

One of the most innovative features is the roaming profiles. Teachers can now carry their personalized settings and preferences from one Active Panel 9 to another with a simple tap of an NFC card. This seamless transition means that no matter where they teach, their preferred tools and settings are ready to go.

Explain Everything Software: The Ultimate Collaborative Tool

The partnership between Promethean and Explain Everything has brought about the Explain Everything whiteboard, a platform that truly lives up to its name. It allows educators to incorporate a vast array of content into their lessons, from PDFs and PowerPoints to YouTube videos and Google images. The new equation editor and clip art options further enhance the interactive possibilities.

Teachers will find a treasure trove of resources in the extensive template library, which continues to grow. Whether it’s the math bar template or subject-specific resources, starting from scratch is a thing of the past. The ability to play YouTube videos directly on the panel, with options for note-taking on the side, transforms the Active Panel 9 into a multimedia powerhouse.

Impact on K-12 Education

The integration of the Promethean Active Panel 9 and Explain Everything software into K-12 classrooms is a monumental step forward. It simplifies lesson preparation, fosters a more interactive learning environment, and supports diverse learning styles. The technology empowers teachers to focus on what they do best—educate and inspire our next generation.

Twotrees Technologies is proud to partner with Promethean in bringing these innovative solutions to schools. We believe that the future of education is bright, and with tools like the Active Panel 9 and Explain Everything, we are one step closer to realizing that future.

Twotrees Technologies continues to support and provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance the educational experience for teachers and students. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to explore the intersection of technology and education.

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