ISTE 2024 – Revolutionizing School Security with Verkada

At the 2024 ISTE show in Denver, Colorado, Twotrees Technologies’ own Kevin Schaefer had the opportunity to delve into the world of school security with Verkada, a company that’s redefining safety on school grounds. In an insightful interview with Verkada’s representative, Steve, it became clear that Verkada isn’t just about video surveillance; it’s a comprehensive security platform designed to cater to all aspects of school safety.

A Unified Security Ecosystem

Verkada stands out with its guest management platform, the first point of contact for visitors entering a school. This system ensures that all visitors provide necessary information, undergo background checks, and are monitored by integrated camera systems and access controls. It’s a seamless experience that begins the moment someone steps into the school.

The Power of Integration

What truly sets Verkada apart is its hybrid cloud architecture. By maximizing edge computing and cloud computing, Verkada’s system thoughtfully stores and utilizes data without overburdening networks or requiring extensive server space and storage. This integration means that when products are combined, they create a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts—what Verkada likes to call “one plus one equals three.”

Command Platform: The Heart of Operations

The Verkada Command platform is the centralized hub where all security components converge. From this single interface, school staff can monitor cameras, control access, manage alarms, and even detect vape usage—a common concern in schools today. It’s a comprehensive view that ensures nothing goes unnoticed.

Hardware That Makes It Happen

Verkada’s hardware is the brain behind the operation. The lineup includes an intercom device that allows two-way communication, a fully operational camera, environmental sensors, and door access controllers. This hardware suite is what enables the seamless operation of Verkada’s security system on school premises.

Bluetooth Access: Convenience Meets Security

One of the most innovative features of Verkada’s system is the Bluetooth access via smartphones. Teachers and staff can now use their phones to gain entry to the building, eliminating the need for traditional identity cards. This shift towards mobile access not only adds convenience but also enhances security, as phones are less likely to be forgotten or misplaced compared to badges.

Benefits for Schools

The fully integrated Verkada system offers numerous benefits to schools:

  • Saves on Hardware: By eliminating the need for servers and recorders, schools can reduce costs and physical infrastructure.
  • Remote Accessibility: School administrators can view video footage and security incidents from anywhere, ensuring constant vigilance even when off-campus.
  • Enhanced Security: With all security components working together, schools can ensure a safer environment for students and staff.

Verkada’s commitment to innovation and safety makes it a beacon in the world of school security. By choosing Verkada, schools are not just installing a security system; they’re investing in peace of mind for the entire community.

For more information on how Verkada can transform your school’s security, visit Verkada’s website.

This blog post is based on an interview conducted at the 2024 ISTE show. The insights provided by Verkada’s representative have been paraphrased for clarity and brevity.

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