Because of our 30+ years of helping educators in the classroom, Twotrees understands the delicate balance between technology and teaching. The classroom experience should be about fostering curiosity, nurturing creativity, and connecting with students—not wrestling with gadgets or being tied to screens. We are proud to introduce Merlyn Origin to our customers, the groundbreaking all-in-one AI assistant designed specifically for teachers.

The Power of Merlyn Origin

1. Tech Friction? Not Anymore!

Merlyn Origin is your trusty sidekick, eliminating tech friction and streamlining your teaching process. Developed by a team of researchers from top AI labs (including IBM Research, Amazon Alexa, and Google Brain), Merlyn Origin is built on an education-specific large language model. Say goodbye to generic AI tools; Merlyn is tailor-made for educators.

2. Beyond the Classroom Walls

Merlyn Origin isn’t confined to the classroom—it’s your partner in both prep and instruction. During lesson planning, Merlyn’s generative AI whips up lesson plans, grading rubrics, and assessments at the touch of a button. But where it truly shines is during in-class instruction.

3. Voice Control: Unleash Your Freedom

Picture this: You’re teaching, and suddenly you need to switch slides or access an online resource. Instead of fumbling with devices, you simply use your voice. Merlyn Origin grants you safe and secure voice control over classroom technology. Operate your computer, front-of-class display, and internet applications from anywhere in the room. No more tethering to your desk!

4. Engage, Don’t Disconnect

Unlike other AI tools that create silent classrooms, Merlyn encourages engagement. Your students remain active participants, not passive screen-watchers. Use Merlyn’s AI chat experience to reward curiosity and foster higher-order thinking. It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Vetted Educational Content

Merlyn Origin draws from an education-specific large language model developed in-house. You’re tapping into vetted educational content and resources—not the vast abyss of the internet. Plus, schools and districts can integrate their own curriculum into Merlyn’s walled-garden approach. Safety and quality go hand in hand.

6. Driven by Purpose

Dr. Satya Nitta, co-founder and CEO at Merlyn Mind, emphasizes purpose-built AI. Merlyn Origin is secure, locally focused, and education-centric. Our mission? Enhancing learning outcomes by seamlessly incorporating AI advancements into education.

Unlocking Freedom

Merlyn Origin isn’t just an assistant; it’s your ally in the pursuit of meaningful teaching. So go ahead, break free from the tech tethers, and let Merlyn empower you and your students.

To see a demonstration of Merlyn Origin, contact your Twotrees Account Manager or fill out the form below.

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