James Pratt invited his son Adam onto our second Episode of Twotrees Podcast to discuss AI prompt design. Adam works for a large multi-national IT company that develops automated software development practices using the Microsoft development ecosystem, and he has been using AI technology for several years in his job. He has extensive experience with Copilot, and shared his experience on how to interact with Copilot to provide the information he is looking for.

Whis is the sky blue?

An example Adam gives in the podcast is the simple question of asking Copilot “why is the sky blue”. He explains that with proper prompt engineering, he can have Copilot create two completely different answers to this question:

  • Why is the Sky Blue – target audience a 5th grade science class
  • Why is the sky blue – target audience a college meteorology class

Both answers are correct, but one is very simplistic and easy to understand for a 5th grader, and the other is designed to educate a college-level student on the physics of why the sky is blue.

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