ISTE 2024 – Pioneering Interactive Education with Newline Interactive Displays

In the bustling atmosphere of the HD Conference 2024, Twotrees Technologies had the pleasure of engaging with one of the most innovative forces in interactive education technology—Newline Interactive Displays. Our very own Kevin Schaefer caught up with G Lake from Newline, diving into a conversation that illuminated the future of interactive learning.

The Newline DV Series: A Behemoth of Innovation

At the heart of the Newline booth stood the Newline DV series, a direct-view LED video wall that has been making waves in the industry. Over the past two years, this colossal display has become the talk of the town, setting a new standard for size and quality. With customizable size options including 120, 180, and an impressive 250 inches, the Newline DV series is not just an indoor marvel but also boasts an outdoor solution—the TVVelement—rated for all weather environments.

Pixel Perfect: The Newline DV Series Stands Out

What sets the Newline DV series apart is its incredibly small pixel pitch, ensuring even the closest inspections are met with crisp, clear images. This feature, coupled with built-in digital signage and casting capabilities, positions the Newline DV series as a one-stop solution for all signage needs.

Q Pro: The Classroom’s New Hub

Moving from the grandeur of the LED video wall to the practicality of the classroom, the Q Pro emerges as the hub of educational interaction. Recognized for its nonproprietary nature and ease of use, the Q Pro is one of the few Google-certified panels in the market, seamlessly integrating into any educational environment.

Unmatched Support: The Newline Advantage

But hardware is only part of the story. Newline’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their unparalleled support and training teams. Offering free and unlimited professional development, Newline ensures that educators are not just purchasing a product but investing in a partnership. Their tech support, comprised of the very designers of the firmware and software, provides immediate and effective solutions, embodying the essence of what makes Newline special.

Looking Forward

As the interview concluded, the excitement was palpable. Twotrees Technologies is proud to stand alongside Newline Interactive Displays, a company that not only understands the technological needs of today’s educators but also anticipates the demands of tomorrow. Together, we are shaping a world where interactive education is not just a concept but a vibrant reality.

For more insights and updates on interactive education technology, stay tuned to Twotrees Technologies.

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