Promethean Roaming Profiles

Twotrees Account Manager Ross Woodard talks to Promethean educational specialist Brandi at the TCEA 2024 show about their Roaming Profiles and NFC card reader for Promethean displays.

Promethean Roaming Profiles

Roaming Profiles allows an educator to store their profile in the Promethean cloud. The educator can then log into their board by simply swiping an NFC card (the same card often used for door access control) and the Promethean board will link to their Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account so the educator can easily pull lesson plans created at home or stored in their cloud account.

Prometheon support for Single Sign-On (SSO)

Promethean roaming profiles allow an educator to move from classroom to classroom and still have easy access to their curriculum on Google Drive.

In addition, Promethean supports Single Sign-On (SSO) to Microsoft Active Directory, Google Cloud, and now Apple ID. This allows schools to have one authentication account for educators, simplifying moves, adds, changes. Teachers can move from classroom to classroom and still have access to their cloud data on their Promethean interactive display.

Twotrees Technologies installs and supports thousands of Promethean displays for educational customers across the country, so if you need help or have questions about Promethean Roaming Profiles or Single Sign-On, contact your Twotrees Account Manager for more information.

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