Casey Shunn with Twotrees Technologies discussed the latest news from Sophos with Eric Milton, Director of Sales for US Public Sector for Sophos while at the 2024 TCEA conference in Austin, Texas. Eric talked about how Sophos launched a public sector-dedicated team in 2023 so that they could offer what is called a “Protected Classroom” to help schools manage the myriad of cyber threats directed at schools.

Sophos Protected Classroom

Threats don’t always come from users clicking on emails or hackers finding a hole in your firewall. Attacks can come from a wide variety of threat vectors such as Chromebook attacks, supply chain hacks via software updates from vendors, security cameras or even smart panel hacks. Launched in 2023, Sophos Protected Classroom allows Sophos threat hunters to have a holistic view of your network to find these threats no matter where they come from, how they arrive, or what they attack.

Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Sophos has found that 81% of the time when they are cleaning up after a breach, threat indicators were already triggered in the tools organizations use to monitor security, yet nobody acted on those threat signals. Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service monitors those threat indicators regardless of the manufacturer or software used and takes action 24/7 when a threat is found to stop those threats quickly.

Cyber Insurance now requires Continuous Monitoring

Eric explains how many cyber insurance policies now require “continuous monitoring” and schools can now be burned if they are not watching their cybersecurity tools for indications of compromise 24/7. Insurance companies can use this lack of 24/7 monitoring to deny claims from a K-12 school district. Using Sophos MDR provides school districts with that much-needed 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that not only are the district data is protected, but that claims can be enforced and paid if they happen.

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