Twotrees Technologies is thrilled to announce our comprehensive range of interactive panels for educational environments, featuring top brands like Promethean, BenQ, and Newline. Our mission is to transform classrooms into dynamic learning spaces where engagement and technology go hand in hand.

Promethean Panels: Known for their robust software and ActivInspire platform, Promethean panels offer an immersive learning experience. They are perfect for schools that prioritize software integration and interactive learning tools.

BenQ Panels: With their germ-resistant screens and eye-care technology, BenQ panels are designed for the health-conscious school district. Their ease of use and interactive features make them a smart choice for any classroom.

Newline Panels: Newline stands out for its cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly interface. Schools that use multiple operating systems will find Newline panels to be the ideal fit for seamless integration.

At Twotrees, we understand that each school district has unique needs. That’s why we offer personalized consultations to match you with the brand that best fits your educational goals. Plus, our dedicated technical support ensures that you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it. Choose Twotrees Technologies as your one-stop shop for interactive panels and step into the future of education.

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