ISTE 2024 – Unveiling the Future of Chromebooks with ASUS

At the forefront of educational technology, Twotrees Technologies had the privilege of attending the ISTE 2024 conference, where we explored the latest innovations in the world of Chromebooks. Our journey led us to the ASUS booth, where we sat down with Bridget from ASUS to discuss their new line of ruggedized Chromebooks designed specifically for students.

Rugged and Ready: The ASUS Student Chromebook

ASUS has always been synonymous with durability and serviceability, and their new student Chromebooks are no exception. Available in 11.6″ and 12.2″ models, these devices are built to withstand the rigors of the classroom. Bridget highlighted the company’s commitment to serviceability, noting that any authorized service provider could repair a student Chromebook within ten minutes. This is thanks to the modular design of the Chromebooks, which features only five screws on the back. Once removed, the keyboard and other components can be easily accessed and replaced, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum learning.

One-Year Accidental Damage Protection: A Game-Changer

In an unprecedented move, ASUS is offering a free one-year accidental damage protection (ADP) on their laptops. This means that no matter whose fault it is, ASUS will fix it. This level of confidence in their product is a testament to the rigorous internal testing each device undergoes, including a 15-point mil-spec test that covers everything from temperature extremes to drop and spill tests.

The New Lineup: CR 1104 and CS 1204

Bridget introduced us to two of their latest models, the CR 1104 and the CS 1204. These Chromebooks boast anti-microbial and anti-fingerprint coatings, ensuring they stay clean and hygienic even with heavy use. The 12″ screen on the CS 1204 offers additional real estate without increasing the overall size of the device, perfect for those extra lines on an Excel sheet or additional content on a webpage.

Twotrees Technologies’ Takeaway

Our visit to the ASUS booth at ISTE 2024 was enlightening. The new ASUS Chromebooks are not just devices; they are a promise of durability, reliability, and peace of mind for educators and students alike. With their innovative design and comprehensive protection plan, ASUS continues to be the go-to solution for educational technology.

We thank Bridget and the ASUS team for sharing their insights with us, and we look forward to seeing how these Chromebooks will transform classrooms around the world.

For more information on ASUS Chromebooks and how they can benefit your educational institution, reach out to Twotrees Technologies. We’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology.

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