In the digital age, a reliable network is the backbone of educational institutions, especially during critical periods like state testing. Wyebot’s AI-driven WiFi automation can be a game-changer for K-12 school districts.

Ensuring Network Readiness for State Testing

State testing is a high-stakes period for schools, where network reliability is non-negotiable. Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) steps in as a proactive guardian, ensuring that both wireless and wired networks are up to the task.

Proactive Alerts and Diagnostics

Wyebot’s WIP offers real-time alerts that empower IT teams to address potential issues before they impact the network’s performance. This preemptive approach is crucial during state testing when every second counts.

Vendor Agnostic and Plug & Play

Wyebot’s technology is vendor agnostic, meaning it seamlessly integrates with any existing infrastructure. Its plug-and-play sensors make setup a breeze, automatically configuring to the environment and beginning their monitoring duties without delay.

Remote Troubleshooting

With Wyebot, IT teams as well as Twotrees engineers can diagnose and resolve issues remotely, saving precious time and resources. This capability is invaluable during state testing, where immediate response is essential.

Deploying Wyebot at your school

How Wyebot is Deployed

Wyebot sensors are deployed throughout a school district’s campuses. These sensors work with the existing network infrastructure and are vendor agnostic, meaning they can integrate with any brand of network equipment. The setup is straightforward and designed to be “quick and painless,” providing immediate insights into the network’s performance.

Why Deploy Wyebot

The primary reason for deploying Wyebot is to maintain a high-performing network that is critical for administration, communication, and education. Wyebot provides real-time data and analytics, allowing IT staff to proactively identify and resolve issues before they escalate into significant problems. This is especially important in environments where connectivity is essential, such as during state testing or daily digital learning activities.

Where to Deploy Wyebot

Wyebot devices are strategically placed in locations where network traffic is high or where connectivity is crucial, such as computer labs, classrooms, libraries, and administrative offices. In the case of the Lamoille North Supervisory Union in Vermont, Wyebot devices were deployed across several schools to enhance their existing Aerohive wireless access points, providing the technology coordinators with more detailed information to diagnose, troubleshoot, and prevent network problems.

Real-World Examples of Wyebot at Work

Case Study: Illinois K-12 School

An Illinois K-12 school utilized Wyebot’s WIP to maintain a robust network during state testing. The platform’s AI-driven engine identified critical errors and disruptions, allowing the IT team to resolve them promptly, ensuring seamless testing experiences.

E-Rate Eligibility

Wyebot’s platform is E-Rate eligible, which means schools can leverage federal funding to support their network infrastructure, making it a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious districts.


Wyebot’s AI-driven WiFi automation is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic partner for K-12 school districts. Twotrees engineers like when a school as Wyebot probes deployed in the campus network, since it gives our engineers much greater visibility into the network and helps greatly with troubleshooting.

By providing a reliable network, Wyebot can help a school district develop a stress-free testing environment, allowing students and educators to focus on what truly matters – education.

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